Pairing and assigning trackers for Full Body Tracking or tracked camera

First you will need to pair your trackers with SteamVR.

Pairing Vive Trackers (2018)

Pairing Vive Trackers (3.0)

Pairing Tundra Trackers

After pairing your trackers you will need to assign them to the correct body part in SteamVR's Manage Trackers section, Left foot, Right Foot, ect. Its best to do them one at a time and label the tracker in some way so you know which body part is paired with that tacker.

SteamVR Settings > Controllers > Manage Trackers

Click the 3 little lines on the top left of the SteamVR desktop dashboard window to open the settings.


- Open Settings

- Controllerscontrollers.png

- Manage Trackersmanagetrackers.png

- Now you can select which body part to assign to the trackermceclip0.png

Tip: How to pair SteamVR devices to avoid binding conflicts

Step 1: Unplug all vive dongles

Step 2: Restart Steamvr so everything VR related is powered off then powered back on.

Step 3: Power on and pair your controllers, since the dongles are unplugged they will bind to your headset Leave them on for the remainder of the steps.

Step 4: Plug in one dongle, and pair the tracker. Since there is only one dongle that doesn't have a device attached, it will bind to this one. Leave the tracker on for the remainder of the steps.

Step 5: Repeat step 4, one dongle and one tracker at a time, leaving them on until you are complete


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