Ever wondered what your stream actually looks like to your viewers? Wonder no more, the viewfinder is here.

You're almost done! The last part of this section will cover the viewfinder, an in-VR screen showing what your avatar camera is capturing.

  • The viewfinder is disabled by default. To enable it, open up the LIV overlay and navigate to the Viewfinder tab. In a freshly created camera profile, the viewfinder will be latched on to your avatar camera.

  • Through the four check boxes visible on the menu, you can decide where in the space you'd like to place the viewfinder. You can:

a. Have it follow your camera (Camera);

b. Have it follow your HMD (HUD);

c. Have it on your wrist (Wrist);

d. Place it freely in the world using the same mechanics as the camera's selfie stick mode (World).

Great success! You're now ready to start broadcasting with LIV Avatars. /Yukina flex


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