You've set up a camera profile and calibrated. Now all that's left is to enter the matrix.

  1. Click on Capture in the left tab to open up the capture page.

  2. In the game drop-down, select your LIV-eligible game.

  3. In Target Resolution, select the resolution at which you want LIV to render the avatar camera.

  4. Click on Sync & Launch to sync the game to our compositor and launch it!

  5. Your Avatar feed will show up in the LIV Output window. This is the window that you want to be capturing with your broadcasting/recording software.

If you are using OBS, make sure you capture the LIV output with Game Capture for the best performance. Check out our other performance tips here.

If you are using an Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, or an Oculus Quest + Link combo, you will need to ensure that the game you're trying to capture is running in OpenVR for it to function with LIV. For 99% of cases, all you need to do is add
"-vrmode openvr" to the game's launch options on Steam, as shown in the video below.

LIV Supported games are games that have the LIV SDK integrated and are fully supported.

If you find that a game that should be supported is broken, please let us know on Discord!

TIP: Its best to use this launch order to ensure everything will work correctly 
SteamVR -> LIV -> Launch game from LIV using Sync & Launch

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