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Use /notify MESSAGE to send a HUD notification direct to your friend’s eyes
When the bot’s added to a Discord server, any LIV user can watch any of the text channels the bot has access to.



  • command /allow-roles all | none|{list-of-comma-delimited-role-ids} to the bot./allow-roles none is the default functionality, where only server admins can perform /notify
    - /allow-roles all will allow any user present in the channel to perform a /notify
    - /allow-roles {roleId},{roleId2} will use the specified comma-delimited list of roles, when checking for permissions for /notify. Admins will be able to perform /notify regardless of this list of roles.
  • Server admins that add the bot have access to these settings:
    • Bot sends a "user is now live here using LIV" message to the channel the user has subscribed to (this announces people in the channel that the user started/stopped receiving chat messages).
    • Command: /announcements on|off - available for server admins
  • Admin can set the roles required by users to use this bot (eg: only discord users with the role pony can use this bot in this server). This is intended for larger communities to have a bit of crowd-control settings.
    • Command: /user-roles ANY|{a-list-of,comma-delimited,roles-to-whitelist}
  • Allows users to perform a /notify command, that will be sent to the streamer and shown as a HUD.
    • This is possible if the server admins use the command /notify-roles ANY|NONE|{a-list-of,comma-delimited,roles-to-allow} By default, the notify roles are set to NONE (disabled)
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