LIV StreamerKit is a utility tool that brings your stream chat & alerts into your HMD in order to make your VR streaming experience less sucky. It's lightweight, stable and fully compatible with any game that can run in OpenVRー no LIV SDK needed!

It's also free! Download the LIV App on Steam to get started.

We're working on more streaming platform integrations as time permits, such as YouTube/Facebook Gaming. For now, StreamerKit does:

  • In-HMD Twitch chat
  • In-HMD Streamlabs & StreamElements alerts
  • Full emote support, including BetterTTV & FrankerFaceZ
  • Fully customizable heads-up alerts with prioritization, mute, position and duration adjustments
  • In-VR historical event log with filters
  • Fully customizable chat window: adjustable colors, viewer count, a clock, message timestamps, ignore users, etc.

We're always looking to improve StreamerKit and add more features if they make sense and/or the demand is high. Let us know what you would like to see in StreamerKit!


In the settings, you can choose to either attach your chat to one of your controllers (Basic) or have it follow your head movement (Head Follower).

You currently cannot point and drag the chat window around freely, similar to the selfie camera in our avatar suite. We're working on implementing it!

Animated GIF

Alerts will show up in your main HMD view. You can filter our alerts you don't want (ex: no follower alerts), or just disable them altogether through the Global Mute toggle if you're about to head into a gaming moment that requires your undivided attention.

Interacting with the Chat Window

To scroll or switch between the different tabs, you will need to have the SteamVR dashboard open.

As always, if you run into any issues or have any questions, make sure to let us know in our Discord or by submitting a ticket.

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  • I stream a lot of games directly from my oculus quest headset and have been trying to find software that would allow me to view my twitch chat inside the headset. I see that your software can do this while playing pcvr titles, but I was wondering if it would be possible to do this for native quest games?

  • Unfortunately not, Noah. We currently have no plans on making StreamerKit compatible with the Quest natively.


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