Step 1: Download LIV on Steam

Step 2: Install and launch, under StreamerKit click 'Launch StreamerKit'


Step 3: Under ‘services’ click on the Pulsoid tab, then click the ‘login’ button


Step 4: Make sure you are logged into your Pulsoid account on your browser. Click ‘authorize app’ to allow LIV to connect to your account (in order to read your real time heart rate information)



Step 5: You may get a browser popup asking to open the link using StreamerKit, check the ‘always allow’ checkbox, then click ‘open link’


You should now be connected to Pulsoid! With your heart rate monitor on and the companion Pulsoid app running, you should see your heart rate on the bottom right corner of your chat window. Make sure you connect your Twitch account as well to be able to see Twitch chat in this box!



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