Our first-person view (FPV) capture mode lets you apply smoothing to it and change its field of view (FoV), making your content actually enjoyable for your viewers to watch.

The mode works through a virtual camera, like the ones in our avatar suite, only positioned on your head. This means that the setup is the exact same as LIV Avatars (you can skip step 2 and 4!) all the way up until the Camera Modes section.

All you need to do is select First person in the camera interface to make the switch. There, you will be able to fine-tune the smoothing and FoV of your FPV camera.

Are parts of your avatar showing while in the FPV mode? Go to your avatar settings and disable their visibility!

Here are three snippets of our FPV mode in action, at 50°/70°/90° FoV and a constant 40% smoothing. Notice how jerky the regular capture is.

This is of course not exclusive to Beat Saberー you can reap the benefits of our enhanced FPV with any game that the LIV SDK implemented!

Click here for a full list of games that support LIV.

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