1) Create Avatar Camera Profile

You've taken your first step into a larger world.

1. Launch the compositor.

2. Click on Camera in the left tab to open up the camera page.

3. Click on the Add Camera icon to create a new camera profile.

4. In Type, select Avatar.

5. Name your profile and Save it.


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  • I create an avatar camera profile but no avatar window comes up. It's also asking me to put in a view width and height that I don't see anyone else's video examples.

    Even the LIV Default is the same way

  • Hey Nix Ryu the VIVR window doesn't pop up any more, just drag and drop it onto the liv app it's self.  As for the width and height that is for the secondary camera for avatar.  You will need to enable that in the avatar UI.  If you aren't using the 2nd camera you can just ignore that, you can also make adjustments to this in the avatar UI if you are wanting to use it.
    The following link will show you how to import avatars



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