The LIV output window is black; The LIV calibration screen is black in the headset

*Mixed Reality or Avatar mode*

Fix 1:
Games must be purchased from Steam, games purchased from the Oculus store do not work, and neither do pirated copies.

Fix 2: Games must have the LIV SDK implemented or have a working SteamVR legacy mixed reality implementation. Check out for a list of LIV-eligible games (though be aware, older games may have broken their implementation since they were added to the list). If you find a game that's on the list that isn't working, let us know and we'll look into it.

Fix 3: If you have an Oculus Rift, Rift S, or Quest the game must run in OpenVR mode. To achieve this, set the game's launch option to "-vrmode openvr" in Steam.

Fix 4: The monitor that LIV runs on must be connected to the same GPU as the monitor your VR Headset is plugged into. Motherboard ports will not work. For Quest users, your monitor must be plugged into the GPU that is rendering the game.

Fix 5: The Crop feature in LIV is currently messing up calibration and coordinates in some games. Removing the cropping resolves the issue. It is recommended to use the Static Mask feature instead of Crop as it is more accurate and doesn't have this issue. To create a static mask, just alt+printscreen your LIV output window to take a perfect screenshot, then color your greenscreen area with white and the rest with black.

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