LIV crashes on startup; The LIV calibration window shows a white screen

*Mixed Reality or Avatar mode*

Fix 1: Reset your LIV configurations
It's possible that your LIV config files have gone bad and are causing the app to crash.

1. Open the LIV launcher and go to "General Settings" in the bottom left, then hit the "Reset All Settings" button.
2. Exit out of LIV and SteamVR.
3. Start SteamVR, then start LIV and try again.

Fix 2: Render everything on one GPU
On laptops or any dual-GPU setup, you need to assign LIV and VIVR (our calibration & avatar tool) to run on the dedicated GPU.

1. Open the Nvidia Control Panel
2. Click Manage 3D Settings
3. Click Program Settings
4. Click Add
5. Select "capture.exe" (can be found in X:\Steam\steamapps\common\LIV)
6. Click Add Selected Program
7. Set it to run on "High-performance NVIDIA processor" 
8. Click Apply in the bottom right corner
9. Repeat steps 4-8, but select "VIVR.exe" instead of "capture.exe" this time (can be found in X:\Steam\steamapps\common\LIV\resources\VIVR).

Fix 3: Manage your imported avatars
Did LIV suddenly go bad on you after you imported a new avatar? LIV does not have a gag reflex (although that would awesome), and so a bad avatar can cause LIV to continuously crash until manually removed. 

1. Isolate that this is the problem by going to "My Documents\LIV" and rename the "Avatar" folder to "Avatar.old"
2. If this resolves the crashing, iteratively copy in the avatars one at a time from "Avatar.old" back to "Avatar" until you identify which one is causing the problem. You should now be able to use the rest of the avatars.

The avatar will need to be investigated for conflicts. If you've created or commissioned an avatar that isn't working properly with LIV and you're at a loss, send it our way and we will gladly take a look!

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