LIV's Virtual Camera is attached to your controller; Your controller is stuck on the floor; You cannot calibrate due to our SteamVR driver not starting

*Mixed Reality or Avatar mode*

Fix 1:
Make sure you have set the role for the LIV Virtual Camera (Tracker) to Disabled.
SteamVR desktop dashboard -> Devices -> Manage Vive Trackers.  


Fix 2: Make sure SteamVR isn't launching in safe mode (generally caused by outdated SteamVR plugins) and that your Add-Ons aren't disabled. 
SteamVR desktop dashboard -> Settings -> Startup/Shutdown -> Show Advanced Settings (bottom left) -> Manage Add-Ons. "00liv_virtualcamera" needs to be on.


Fix 3: Uninstall Natural Locomotion if you have it on your system. Natural Locomotion is incompatible with LIV due to it interfering with device tracking. 

Here's how to remove Natural Locomotion completely:

  • Close LIV and SteamVR
  • Press Win+R, then paste %localappdata%\openvr
  • Open the openvrpaths.vrpath file with Notepad
  • Remove the entire line referencing the Natural Locomotion driver:
  • Save the file (make sure you get the comma at the end of the previous line, if there is one)
  • Reboot SteamVR and LIV and test it out!

Fix 4: For Beat Saber specifically, make sure that you do not have the DynamicOpenVR mod installed. - This issue applies to ALL headsets.

Fix 5: Make sure you have set your camera's tracking source to be Static (None) for the LIV Virtual Tracker. You only select a physical controller/tracker when that device is permanently affixed to your camera.

LIV -> Camera tab -> Settings button -> Calibration tab -> Tracker dropdown. Select Static (None) which is the default option.

Fix 6: Make sure your headset is not asleep when trying to calibrate otherwise your controller stops communicating. If you are desktop calibrating put it on your head and make sure it receives some movement to keep it awake, or disable the sleep timeout in the SteamVR sleep settings.

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