LIV's Virtual Camera is attached to your controller; Your controller is stuck on the floor; You cannot calibrate due to our SteamVR driver not starting

Fix 1: Make sure you have set the role for the LIV Virtual Camera (Tracker) to Disabled.
SteamVR desktop dashboard -> Devices -> Manage Vive Trackers. 


Fix 2: Make sure SteamVR isn't launching in safe mode (generally caused by outdated SteamVR plugins) and that your Add-Ons aren't disabled. 
SteamVR desktop dashboard -> Settings -> Startup/Shutdown -> Show Advanced Settings (bottom left) -> Manage Add-Ons. "00liv_virtualcamera" needs to be on.


Fix 3: Uninstall Natural Locomotion if you have it on your system. Natural Locomotion is incompatible with LIV due to it interfering with device tracking. 

Here's how to remove Natural Locomotion completely:

  • Close LIV and SteamVR
  • Press Win+R, then paste %localappdata%\openvr
  • Open the openvrpaths.vrpath file with Notepad
  • Remove the entire line referencing the Natural Locomotion driver:
  • Save the file (make sure you get the comma at the end of the previous line, if there is one)
  • Reboot SteamVR and LIV and test it out!

Fix 4: For Beat Saber specifically, make sure that you do not have the DynamicOpenVR mod installed.

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