Calibrating Your Camera

The art of matching your physical camera with our digital camera.

The calibration process is a 3-click process that helps us determine the Field of View (FoV), position and rotation of your camera.

It is important that you try to be as accurate as possible; even small mistakes can easily make the calibration go bad.

Let's get started!

  1. Press Trigger once to initiate the calibration. You should now see a big red cross in the middle of your view.

  2. Bring your controller all the way up to the lens of the camera as showcased below, then press Trigger.
For VIVE Controllers, you want to encompass
the cross with the controller donut/hole.
Press Trigger to confirm.
For Rift and Index Controllers, you want to align the 
center of the Trigger with the center of the cross.
Press Trigger to confirm.
For step 2 and 3, move as far back into your play space 
as you can
, or until the distance indicator turns green, then repeat
the clicks in each corner using the same alignment logic as above.

Once you're done with the three clicks, you should see virtual controllers overlaid onto your real controllers. They should match your real controllers almost perfectly.

If you have done your best to get the clicks as accurate as possible but your calibration is still a little off, you can try fine-tuning your calibration using the manual adjustment sliders.

If your calibration is wildly off but you feel like you've done everything right, chances are you probably haven't (sorry!) - calibrating can get really finicky depending on your setup. Luckily, LIV veteran Ragesaq has got you covered with his flawless calibration technique.

If your calibration is wildly off and you've tried all the above, there is probably something funky going on. Double-check that you are maintaining tracking throughout the entire calibration process! At this point however, it might be time for you to submit a ticket or join our Discord for 1-on-1 support.


- Help I'm trying to calibrate and "warning" pops up on the screen

- LIV's Virtual Camera is attached to your controller; Your controller is stuck on the floor; You cannot calibrate due to our SteamVR driver not starting

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