What is De-spill, and how do I use it in LIV?

What is De-spill?

When using a green screen with bright lights, it's likely that some of that green will reflect back onto the subject (you, the player). This will often appear as a green border around the edge of the subject, or a slight green tint over the whole subject. This green reflection onto the subject is called "spill". Spill is ugly, kills skin tones, and can make it very obvious you're on a green screen. It must be dealt with. 


Spill can be suppressed with a technique called "de-spill". De-spill tries to replace the green spill with a more natural colour. The result is that green border is removed, and colours are more natural across the image.



How do I de-spill in LIV?

In your Camera Profile, go to the Keying tab and adjust De-spill Strength.


Set de-spill strength to 100% for maximum de-spill; or set to 0% to disable the effect.


Note: If you were previously using a LUT for the purpose of de-spill, you should consider disabling the LUT and using the in-built de-spill function in its place.

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