First-Person Stabilizer

Download LIV from the Steam store to get started. After launching the LIV app click Launch Smooth FPV


You can launch Smoothed FPV before or after starting a game.

Features include:
- Low/med/high smoothing presets
- Set your own custom zoom+smoothing combination
- Left/right eye pick, combined eye 
- Roll lock

Once you have launched Smoothed FPV you can change the settings by
- While wearing your HMD, look down towards the floor and you'll see a LIV icon
- You can access the UI by pointing your controller and hovering the green dot over the LIV icon until it fills up in green. You do the same to exit out of the interface


To capture the Smoothed FPV in your broadcasting software, add VIVR.exe as a game capture source.

This capture method does not require an SDK, and works with any OpenVR game! So far we've seen this used with VRChat, Population One, Contractors, The Elder Scrolls and many more.

The GPU or CPU cost is negligible since it basically just does a texture copy and a single shader pass.

Games with anticheat will not work as it blocks the stabilizer from capturing them.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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