Looking for the LIV SDK? 

The LIV SDK adds support to your game for Mixed Reality Capture and Virtual Cameras. 


The LIV SDK is intended for developers to add support to their games.  If you are a content creator or someone that wants to use LIV to record content with the supported games, you do not need the LIV SDK.


The LIV SDK provides a spectator view of your application. It contextualizes what the user feels & experiences by capturing their body directly inside your world! Thanks to our software, creators can film inside your app and have full control over the camera.


With the power of out-of-engine compositing, a creator can express themselves freely without limits; as a real person or an avatar!

Need help with integration?
Use the "Submit a ticket" button on the top right of this page or join the LIV Discord and let us know you are a developer and we can get you added to the SDK support channels.

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