How To: Easily Stream LIV on Discord with Audio

Streaming your LIV output on Discord won't produce audio on its own as LIV doesn't process sound. While you could solve this through audio routing, the easiest method is to use the OBS VirtualCam tool.

If you're not on the latest version of OBS (v26+), you will need to install VirtualCam separately as a plugin from GitHub.

With the plugin installed:

1. Go Live on Discord with the game window. This is where your sound will come from.

2. Add LIV as a source to your OBS scene (make sure to use Game Capture), then hit Tools > VirtualCam. Take note of the target camera and hit Start.

3. Select that OBS-Camera device as your video camera in your Voice & Video settings on Discord, then go live with video as well.

You will now have two streams running simultaneously: one with your first-person view (for sound) and one with LIV. Discord will keep the video streams synchronized surprisingly well, and it makes for a pretty good streaming experience.

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