How does LIV make money?

At LIV, we're obsessed with empowering creators and developers. Our belief is that if we can help you be successful, we are in turn also successful.

One of the ways we have committed to that is by never charging content creators and game developers for using LIV's capture tools and SDKs. Ideally, we help them make more money.

So how do we make money?

  • We have incredible investors (Hiro.Capital, Seedcamp, Credo Ventures, HTC VIVE, Palmer Luckey, and many more!) who believe in our mission.
  • Occasionally we do bigger projects with partners such as Facebook, HTC, etc.
  • We have a commercial license for businesses...that we're often generously handing out for free. Don't ask us why.

We have exciting plans for 2020 and onwards which will involve monetization.

Our promise to you is: When we ask you to part with your money, it will be in exchange for a lot of fun.

Hold us to it!

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