A small update for you all today - exciting things in the works for all you avatar-wearers out there :blurry_eyes:


- YouTube stream notifications! We've now implemented heads-up notifications for super chats, super stickers, new sponsors, gift memberships, and member milestones. 🥳

- Also, any deleted messages or banned users on your YouTube stream will be reflected in LIV's chat.

- We've implemented some restrictions for the VAIL tournament that's currently underway - we're working with AEXLab to implement a robust anti-cheat solution that allows you to do whatever you want with LIV!


- Quest Avatars would de-synchronise if the game you were capturing didn't have an audio stream. We've collapsed the timelines and fixed it!

- If you closed the LIV App during the tutorial, it would crash. Not a massive problem, but... fixed all the same.

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