YouTube support has finally come to LIV StreamerKit!
Head over to the YouTube tab in StreamerKit and sign in with your Google Account & YouTube Channel. Once logged in, you'll just need to go live and StreamerKit will faithfully ferry your fervous fan messages!
We've not yet added all the notifications, but basic messaging is in. Enjoy!


You can now get LIV captures in BONEWORKS with our official mod: 

Spill all over your green screen?

We've implemented a brand new de-spill algorithm for LIV's chroma key that (we think) does an excellent job mopping up all that extra green from your body. If you've been using a LUT for de-spill, give our built-in solution a try. It's really quite good

- YouTube support for StreamerKit!
- You can now capture BONEWORKS to your heart's content, in the way you want to.
- Re-worked chroma key de-spill algorithm clears up your pallid, green skin in realtime, automatically
- First-person stabilizer now supports Revive apps!
- LIV now sets its own priority to match SteamVR, improving capture and gameplay smoothness in some cases. More to come.

- LIV capture no longer takes over your entire desktop if you've been using the first-person stabilizer in fullscreen.
- The first-person stabilizer doesn't crash VAIL anymore!
- Also, we found where the missing text in the first-person stabilizer's UI went, it's back.
- Also, the second, we've fixed an issue where some games would be upside-down in the stabilizer. Oops.
- Also, the third, both-eye support for all headsets now works correctly!
- Also, the last, I promise: The stabilizer won't crash games that don't use OpenVR. It'll gracefully just... not work.
- A potential GPU memory leak has been plugged.
- We're no longer showing these changelogs to new users - they haven't even got started yet!
- Not sure if you noticed, but the chroma key would steal a border of pixels around your camera. Gentle encouragement has brought those precious extra pixels back home.
- All of LIV's manual capture effects have been reworked and tidied up.
- The avatar camera viewfinder no longer automatically changes "flippedness", it's just default to on.
- We moved the "AI Keying" feature... into the keying tab, and it correctly disables during calibration.
- Quest MRC & Watch mode has greater stability when changing games during a single session.
- Lastly, various crashes when starting Quest MRC or Watch mode have been fixed!

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