Camera Plugins provide additional capabilities to the LIV Avatar camera 1 functionality. 

Refer to the linked resource for details on how to download, install, and use each plug in.

Be sure to check out the latest plug in info on our Discord channels #camera-plugin-chat.

If you're interested in creating a plug in, reach out to us on Discord and we'll set you up.


Plug In Name Creator Description
Orbit LIV Built in plug in.  Camera orbiting the player
Third Person View LIV Built in plug in.  Camera positioned in the 3rd person
FriesCam Fries

Beat saber camera for Liv made by fries.
This plugin will smoothly and randomly blend between any number of pre-defined cameras, both static and orbital.

MoriBeatSaberCamera Morichalion

Switches the camera from a static camera to an active camera when the user switches to a song.

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