- First-person stabilizer gets wider FoV, resolution settings and a fix for games that are too dark!
- We've got you some estimated dynamic lighting and reflections for LIV avatars!
- Support for Beat Saber Legacy in auto-capture!
- Segmentive background removal is back! Sorry about that. 😓

We've updated our EULA. Along with that, we've also updated our privacy policy and terms of service. Please give it a thorough read through! It's for a good cause. We're working on getting YouTube integration ready for StreamerKit!

And to wrap things up - if you haven't heard already, we've created a Gorilla Tag mod that adds LIV support! Check it out via the home screen and become 🐒

- Resolution & aspect ratio settings have been added to the first-person stabilizer. Whatever you set gets remembered, and you can double-click the window to go fullscreen!
- Along with that, both eyes are now composited and smoothed together, meaning more pixels for you to see!
- Game looks too dark in the first-person stabilizer? Enable the "Gamma Fix" checkbox and brighten it back up to normal.
- Dynamic lighting & reflections for LIV avatars! 🤯 This feature uses your HMD's output for creating a dynamic, live light and reflection map. If you're using metallic materials in your avatars, you'll see beautiful realtime reflections when the camera's up-close and personal. Enable it in LIV's avatar UI.
- We've updated how we render UI in the headset - meaning, a much sharper image and a wider field of view when you're working with LIV avatars. Enjoy your new prescription
- Don't like the avatar camera that a game provides you out-of-the-box? Uncheck the "Use game camera" avatar option and use your own 😉

- Support for capturing SteamVR Home in the first-person stabilizer has been fixed.
- The LIV "Export to OBS" plugin no longer causes LIV to crash if OBS isn't open yet.
- Various LIV compositor crashes have been resolved!
- Quest capture tools no longer have a 10% chance to crash on load.
- We've added a link to the message that shows when SteamVR hasn't been installed or run yet, so you know we're talking about SteamVR, not just Steam. 

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