It's April Fools', but this update is for real.
We've got new features and a whole host of fixes for you!

We're plugging away on Avatars for Quest, and hope to bring that to you in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on us

SteamVR FPV Smoothing!

Back and better than ever. We've got silky-smooth capture of any SteamVR game (* that doesn't use anti-cheat) that doesn't cost any significant amount of GPU or CPU resources!

You can change which eye to show, how much to zoom in, and how much smoothing to apply. We have more improvements to bring, so please check it out and share your feedback with us.
Launch it, then check out the LIV logo on the floor in VR.

Finally, make sure you check "Allow Transparency" in OBS's Game Capture so that you can overlay it on other elements without a black border!

- SteamVR FPV Smoothing is back!
- We added smoothing presets, eye choice and roll lock to the FPV smoother!
- You may now disable animated emotes in StreamerKit if they're just too much.
- Protocol update for all Quest features in preparation for Avatars for Quest.

- Avatar finger tracking has been fixed!
- LIV loading time should be reduced, and you'll no longer see a Unity crash report on launch.
- Twitch bits alerts are back, sorry about that. We hadn't fully switched over to their new API!
- When using any in-VR LIV UI with the SteamVR Dashboard open, it would steal your laser pointers. We know that's wrong and we gave them back.
- If you're one of those Beat Saber modding types that downgrade, you may have had issues with your LIV calibration - we've fixed this!
- You can once again filter alerts using StreamerKit's in-HMD window. We... forgot that was interactive.
- We uh.. forgot that when the smoother UI is closed that it shouldn't be interactive. Atom was trying to kill zombies and zoomed in way too far.
- The FPV Smoother UI now actually keeps up with you. It just needed a bit of caffeination.
- StreamerKit's chat positioning settings have been fixed, you can now use the presets correctly again.

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