v2.7.2 - Public Beta

Big headlining feature for you!
We've got a brand new version of our SteamVR FPV Smoothing tool - our last version had weird stuttery issues, which is kinda the opposite of what you want when trying to smooth something out.

The new approach works significantly better, and works with every game we've been able to get our hands on. Please check it out!

All you have to do is launch the smoother and start a SteamVR game. It'll automatically begin capturing and smoothing that game's output, without causing a huge GPU overhead.

It conflicts with regular LIV right now, but we'll have that fixed before it goes to stable. Head into VR to adjust settings - an in-VR preview of the smoother is also coming to make those adjustments easier.

- SteamVR smoothing is back! And better than ever. No stutters to be seen here, and it automatically captures directly from any game that runs in SteamVR.
- Vastly improved VIVE Facial Tracker animation for new Ready Player Me avatars - please re-generate your avatars on the website!

- Twitch shut-down its "Helix" API, and we've updated StreamerKit to work correctly once more! (This update is already out on LIV stable too)
- When disabling legs on an avatar, it no longer breakdances whenever you crouch. Your moves are funky, but not that funky!
- The in-VR StreamerKit alert filters now can be toggled correctly again.
- VIVR (Avatars, Calibration, Smoothing) will now always produce log files, helping us diagnose avatar compatibility issues.
- StreamerKit's overlay is now smoother when being interacted with.
- StreamerKit should now automatically run on the GPU on laptops and CPUs that have integrated graphics - at least, for NVIDIA!
- The FPV Smoothing tool's assemblies are now signed, which should prevent them from being marked as malicious by some anti-malware tools.
- FPV Smoother now supports OpenGL and Vulkan SteamVR applications. Additionally, fixes for DX11 SteamVR applications have been made!

Don't forget to opt-in to the public beta 
Close LIV, then go to Steam > LIV > Properties > Betas, and select it there

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