You may notice with this update that the watermark has re-appeared, you can remove it by creating an account with LIV (auth via Twitch, Tiktok, YT).

Head over to the blog to read more about it!

- Get your Discord text channel into VR!
Sign in with Discord, add our bot, and pick a channel to watch.
Use `/notify MESSAGE` to send a HUD notification direct to your friend’s eyes 👁‍🗨
When the bot’s added to a Discord server, any LIV user can watch any of the text channels the bot has access to.
- Discord audio streaming support is now in stable!
Enable it using the toggle switch under Capture. Make sure when you stream to Discord you target the LIV Output window.
- StreamerKit’s getting a bit more love with the return of StreamElements donation notifications, and the addition of SevenTV emote support.
We've _also_ added a cheeky little Pulsoid integration so you can keep an eye on your own rate with any Pulsoid-supported HRM!
- Our avatars are receiving their first major update in a while - we've updated a few libraries, tweaked their behavior a bit, and adjusted how "Body Calibration" works. The end result is better lower-body locomotion and less manual tweaking needed. Expect more avatar updates next month!
- As you might be able to tell, we have in-app changelogs! 🥳

- Metallic avatars showing too dark were missing a probe in our project that got broken during refactors. We've contacted a trusted UFO supplier and addressed the problem.
- We would crash whenever seeing scary unknown Unicode characters in window titles. Halloween's sadly over, and LIV got over those fears.
- Masterpiece Studio Pro was special and had multiple applications within it.. Breaking our assumptions about how Steam applications work. We've taught LIV the powers of plurality.

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