We taught LIV how to steal your game's audio and reroute it through the LIV output window, so you can now stream in Discord without doing any weird janky workarounds!

You can enable it via the manual capture tab:
-> Capture a game with LIV, auto or manual
-> Under the manual tab, select the "siphon audio to the compositor" checkbox.
-> On Discord, "Go Live" in a voice channel, and select the LIV Output (capture.exe) to stream your game!

Things to know:
- Über experimental, may not work as we intended
- It introduces an infinitesimally small amount of audio delay
Ruu: as a rhythm game player, I can attest it's "nearly perfect", as in, I literally can't tell it's on. We just haven't measured it yet, because we've not needed to.
- We're injecting a bit of code into your game to make this work, which is similar to how OBS and Discord do it; this is beta software, you might experience crashes!

If your audio becomes "crunchy" you can toggle the checkbox to re-initialise the system.
Please share your experience!

Don't forget to opt-in to the public beta!
Close LIV, then go to Steam > LIV > Properties > Betas, and select it there

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