Stream LIV directly to Discord with audio! ★experimental★

You can now stream LIV directly to Discord with audio! 

- Capture a game with LIV, auto or manual 
- Under the manual tab, select the "siphon audio to the compositor" checkbox.


- On Discord, "Go Live" in a voice channel, and select the LIV Output (capture.exe) to stream your game!

Things to know:
- Über experimental, may not work as we intended
- It introduces an infinitesimally small amount of audio delay
"Ruu: as a rhythm game player, I can attest it's "nearly perfect", as in, I literally can't tell it's on. We just haven't measured it yet, because we've not needed to."
- We're injecting a bit of code into your game to make this work, which is similar to how OBS and Discord do it; this is beta software, you might experience crashes!

If your audio becomes "crunchy" you can toggle the checkbox to re-initialise the system.

Please share your experience here in the comments, submit a ticket, or over in our Discord.

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