- We've got a new, animated LIV watermark! We're experimenting here, so we've turned it on by default. There's a toggle for it in the watermark tab. Let us know what you think!

Fixed in PCVR:
- Racket: NX now has the LIV SDK, but we thought it didn't. Fixed, and, check it out! Comes with a custom camera for LIV avatars so none of the action gets missed.
- Avatars are bright again! There was no light on their materials because the lightbulb inside the sun burned out. Swapped it for a new one .
- Quest 1/2 calibration reference points are fixed, meaning you can actually calibrate MR cameras again!
- The controller models shown during calibration are once again lit correctly .

New in Quest-on-PC:
- You can now recalibrate your camera at any time, or setup a new device, just by going to re-align in the Quest-on-PC settings.

Fixed in Quest-on-PC:
- You can now use Kinect cameras again!
- When you begin calibration, we now disconnect LIV Connect's MRC stream so you don't see multiple controllers together when checking your calibration.
- Calibration reference points for Quest 1/2 are fixed! And, you can see your controllers again after completing calibration!

LIV Spaces:
- When the connection to LIV Spaces is dropped, you are now notified in-head
- You can no longer change your avatar when LIV Spaces is running; this would cause horrible monsters to spawn in viewer browsers! Basically, we put more torches down so the light level stays above 7.

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