How to set up LIV Spaces

How To Set Up
1. Launch Spaces from the LIV app, you will automatically be redirected to to create a account (using Twitch, or your email). From here you can create your Space URL, and add your Discord username (optional). Click ‘register’.

2. Next you will be taken to your streamer dashboard in which you can create a username, name your space, add your Twitch channel, upload your avatar and more. Make sure that you upload your a .VRM file 50MB or less, If the preview looks good in the dashboard, your avatar is good to go!

3. On Steam, launch SteamVR, launch LIV, then click ‘launch Spaces’.

4. Now launch StreamerKit, which you can find on the top bar of the LIV app, it appears like a speech bubble with the words ‘SK’ in it.

If you want to be able to read your Twitch chat along with anything typed in Spaces, make sure to link your Twitch account to it. When you are ready to go, launching StreamerKit automatically connects to spaces.

Your web browser will open to connect StreamerKit to your LIV account. Confirm that the account name is the same, then click the green ‘authorize’ button. Next you will be prompted with selecting an app, make sure you click ‘StreamerKit’ and that the ‘always allow’ box is checked.

To see the spaces environment you will need to toggle it on, using the watch on your left hand.

5. To have your viewers access your space, give them URL that you created via your dashboard from step 1. 


-To customize your space’s colors, go back to your dashboard at

Spaces Watch Menu

On your left wrist you will find a LIV watch that you can access by hovering over it with your right hand. You can use this watch to control things like your avatar's size, toggling your microphone on/off, turning the environment on/off, and spawning other fun things! There are multiple environmental toggles, the first trigger click gets rid of the “stage” but allows you to still see your buddies, a second click gets rid of everything (buddies included!). A third click will bring them all back.

To turn the watch menu off, just hover over the circle area on the watch and note the slight color change to indicate that the menu is now gone.

Reading Spaces Chat

What viewers type in Spaces can be seen above their heads in your headset, but are shortened versions (64 characters only). To see the full chat refer to your StreamerKit chat box. If you are streaming to Twitch you should get the feed from both your Twitch chat and Spaces chat into the same feed.

Fun Extras!
-You can use Spaces with any VR game, as long as it has OpenVR (most larger titles do). You need both StreamerKit and the LIV App Output running for Spaces to work, but you don’t have to capture the output in your broadcasting software. You could instead just capture the game’s normal .exe first person view via Game Capture or using something like OpenVR Capture. Here’s an example used in VR Chat. The main window is captured using VRChat.Exe, and the smaller lower window is captured using Open VR Capture. 

-The background for the LIV App Output is transparent! So you can put whatever layers you’d like below it in your broadcasting software - be it a background, your first person view, etc. Just make sure under the source properties for LIV in OBS/SLOBS that you click the ‘transparent’ box. 

-Twitch Commands: Similar to Gamechanger, if viewers cheer in your Twitch chat and add !bomb to the end of at least 1 bit, buddies can spawn a giant random explosion in the world that pushes back other buddies. !booster spawns a jetpack drop for buddies to pick up (at least 10 bits min)

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