Installing the app to your iPhone/iPad (iOS)

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To install on your iPhone or iPad, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Install TestFlight - install the TestFlight app to your device. This is how you access beta apps.
  2. Please note: if you want to capture yourself or friends in Mixed Reality (vs. spectating VR games), you will need a 2018 iPhone/iPad or later - see the hardware requirements.
  3. Install the mobile app - go here to download the app through TestFlight.
  4. Install LIV Connect - Download LIV Connect here or search for LIV Connect from the Oculus store.
  5. Have fun and give us your feedback!

You're good to go! If you experience issues or have feedback for us, you can head over to #mobile-feedback or #mobile-support on the LIV Discord or fill out our issues and feedback forms.

For support articles on using the app itself, go here.

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