v2.4.0 - Quest-on-PC Beta

Just over a month ago, we released Quest-on-PC support to public beta; after a couple rounds of polishing, we're happy to bring Quest-on-PC to everyone!

This means, you can now use LIV to capture content with your Oculus Quest games, and you'll no longer need a super powerful PC!
(Note: only certain games with Oculus MRC support can be captured. View our list here: Supported Oculus MRC games list)

Want your content to be shared on the official LIV accounts or showcased on our Steam page and website? Post your videos in #quest-clips-videos.

To be clear, Quest-on-PC is still in beta and doesn't have all the functionality of our PCVR tools. We have a lot of big plans for future updates, so stay tuned!

Quest-on-PC Beta is now available for EVERYONE on the main Steam branch!
Performance update for webcam users with weaker CPUs
Games with LIV's SDK are kept updated automatically, so you get the best possible performance while playing

Quest-on-PC: Build-ups of latency resulting in HMD lag and latency drift should no longer happen
Quest-on-PC: You can now open the calibration app to skip directly to calibration
Quest-on-PC: Various crashes and weird behaviors

More info:
#quest-general for chatting about Quest-on-PC
#quest-support for help from the community
Official Quest-on-PC help page and support: here

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