LIV Camera (Quest-on-PC)

Using our iOS app LIV Camera to do mixed reality is essentially just replacing your video camera (webcam/DSLR camera/action camera etc.) with an iOS device's camera. LIV Camera also supports digital background removal without a green screen if your iOS device has an A12 processor or above. Check out the lists here if you're unsure what chip your device has!

Note that iOS devices without an A12+ processor can still be used with LIV Camera, but you will need a green screen for background segmentation.

To capture with an iOS device in LIV, you will need the following:

  • Win10 PC with LIV on Steam and iTunes (make sure your phone trusts your PC!). macOS is not supported.
  • Apple Lightning to USB cord or 5Ghz WiFi (needs to be on the same network)
  • An iOS device with a camera (iPhone/iPad). A12+ processor is required for green screen-less functionality.
  • The "LIV Camera" app on your iOS device. Get it on the App Store!

We recommend that you find a way to fix your iOS device in place. Moving it even just a little can quickly ruin your calibration.

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