Aligning your controllers [Mixed Reality Mode] (iOS)

If you’ve selected the experimental Mixed Reality Mode, aligning your controllers is a necessary step to sync the real world (you) with the game world. In more technical terms, LIV uses Apple’s ARKit to understand where you are in the world, while using the controller to identify the game world’s position in relation to your phone or iPad camera.

How do I align my controllers?

To align your controllers:

  1. Hold your mobile device in your hand without covering the back camera. Try to avoid excessively shaking the device during this process.
  2. Place your right controller onto the green circle on the screen as closely and accurately as possible
  3. Pull the trigger and hold for three seconds

Success! Your controllers are now aligned and you can proceed to select a game.

Please note - you'll be asked to align your controllers whenever you start a new game session. This is a necessary part of setup on mobile and we'll be actively working to make this process even faster and easier in future.

Tips for getting the best alignment

For best results, try to keep the following in mind:

  • Avoid covering the back camera lens while holding your mobile device
  • Avoid shaking your mobile device (consider using a tripod here - you will need it later)
  • Make sure your controller is flat on the camera screen when you pull the trigger. If your device’s case is in the way, consider removing it for this step (only if you’re getting poor results)

Doing so may disrupt LIV's understanding of where your device is and could throw your alignment off. 

Confirming Your Alignment

Please note: this feature is not yet active in the alpha versions of the app. To check this in the interim, compare your movements to the game controllers while on your device’s camera view and connected to either LIV Connect or a game.

After you’ve successfully aligned, you’ll want to confirm that your controllers are well aligned with the game world. To do this, enter LIV Connect on the headset and compare your controller position to that of the digital controllers on the screen. 

Are they well aligned? If not, you may want to realign for the best Mixed Reality footage. As mentioned in above in Tips for getting the best alignment, some things can throw off your alignment so don’t sweat it if you have to go through this one more time!

When should I realign my controllers?

You’ll want to realign your controllers if you’ve seen your controller alignment is off either in the ‘Are your controllers aligned?” screen in LIV Connect or on your device’s camera view while running either LIV Connect or a game.

How do I realign my controllers?

To realign your controllers, press back from the top left of the camera view and reenter your desired mode. Once there, advance until you are prompted to align your controllers again. From there just repeat the steps in How do I align my controllers?

Please note: you must exit your active game in order realign your controllers. Yes, we know this may disrupt your gaming session, we don’t have a way around this right now and will be working to improve it in future!


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