for iPhone/iPad uses the latest technology to bring you VR gameplay and Mixed Reality. A Quest 1 or 2 headset and an iOS device is required to use the app, however we also strongly recommend you have:

Fast Wi-Fi (ideally 5Ghz) - Watch Mode only

+ iPhone XR/iPad 2018 and above (Apple A12 chipset) - Watch & Mixed Reality modes


Why do we require these?

Streaming game data - the app needs a lot of bandwidth to stream data between your headset and your mobile device in real-time.

Automatic green screen - to make this feature work, uses your iPhone or iPad's built-in Bionic AI chip to merge you with the game world. This chip has only been available in Apple Devices since the end of 2018.


Please note: we built the app with Android in mind and this version is coming in future. Follow us on Twitter or Discord to stay up to date!

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