Positioning your device for Capture [Mixed Reality Mode] (iOS)

If you’re alone or want to capture yourself from a fixed camera view, you will need to place your device down and position it so that it can see you and the game action. If there are two or more of you, you can also capture by moving your iPhone or iPad around the space.

Placing your device

First, make sure to rotate your iPhone or iPad so that the back camera is facing you. Choose if you want the device in either portrait or landscape orientation. To place it, you have three options:

  1. Mount it on a tripod
  2. Lean it against an object, such as a stack of books or a wall
  3. Give the device to a cameraperson

Please note - leaning the device against an object where the screen isn't visible may make it harder to frame the shot as you've intended so check your footage to confirm it's in the right spot.

Portrait vs. Landscape orientation

You can change device orientation on the fly when holding your device, but if you're placing it down you'll want to decide in advance. The ideal orientation depends on where you'll be sharing the video to afterwards:

  • portrait (9:16) - best suited to TikTok and Instagram
  • landscape (16:9) - best suited to YouTube

Framing your shot

For great Mixed Reality video, you'll want to position or frame the device where it can see you and the game action. The ideal framing differs depending on game and genre, i.e. for rhythm games, such as Beat Saber, we recommend positioning the camera back and to the right or left. Experimenting with framing is part of the fun - the choice is yours!

Moving the camera

So you want to play cameraperson? Go for it! To capture someone else, simply point the iPhone/iPad camera at them and move it around as desired. For best results, avoid shaking the device and any sudden or fast movements. Happy shooting!


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