Connecting your iPhone/iPad to your Quest with LIV Connect (iOS)

How do I connect my device to my Quest?

To connect your iPhone or iPad to the Quest, you must install the LIV Connect app on the Quest.

What is LIV Connect?

LIV Connect is an app for your Oculus Quest headset that enables you to connect your mobile device to the headset. This is the first of two steps to capture yourself in Virtual Reality.

Installing LIV Connect

1. Install LIV Connect 

2. Enter your quest and select the apps menu

3. Launch LIV Connect

Storage Permission

Once you've launched LIV Connect, you will be prompted to grant storage access to your Quest.


This is necessary to connect to supported games.

What do I do if I've declined the storage permission?

If you've declined the storage permission, not to fear! Follow these steps:

  1. Press the Oculus button to bring up the Oculus menus
  2. Open Oculus Settings
  3. Go to App Permissions
  4. Go to LIV Connect
  5. Select Storage Permission
  6. Set to Allow
  7. Return to LIV Connect

From there you can continue with setup.

Checking Your Internet Connection

Make sure your Oculus Quest is on and connected to the same network as your mobile device. 

To check this on your mobile device, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > check that it’s set to On and connected to your local network. 

To check this on your Oculus Quest, go to Settings > Device > Wi-Fi > check that it’s set to On and connected to your local network.

If you’re still having trouble connecting to your network, try rebooting your Wi-Fi router (check the router’s manual if you need further instructions).


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