LIV Connect & Calibration (Mixed Reality Mode - QoPC)

In this mode, only games from the Quest store will work. If you are trying to use games from the Steam store head over to the PCVR guide HERE

- Launch the LIV app from Steam (This is what the main menu of the app looks like)


- Select Your Camera

- Select your camera resolution/fps here 

- Here you can adjust your keying 

Download LIV Connect on your Quest 1 or Quest 2 from the Oculus Quest store HERE

Your PC and Quest need to be on the same network. A 5GHz WiFi is recommended.

-Next you will be prompted to open LIV Connect

- Open LIV Connect on your Quest and let it connect to continue on with calibration

- Calibration (click FROM DESKTOP to begin calibration)

- Bring your controller all the way up to the lens of the camera as showcased below, then press Trigger.  (You can use the trigger or the ring here as long as you are using the same thing on each +)

- For step 2 and 3, move as far back into your play space as you can, then repeat the clicks in each corner using the same alignment logic.

- Save your calibration

- Close LIV Connect on the Quest

- Launch a MRC-supported title from your Quest to begin capturing it, supported titles can be found here.

To record/stream your capture check out this article here.

Need to add a new camera or recalibrate check out this article: /hc/en-us/articles/10433729849874

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