Enjoy your new StreamerKit quality-of-life

- Chat positioning presets! Select one from the "Position" menu, and hit apply. We also made it possible to put chat in a fixed location, not attached to anything.
- Chat & alert setting profiles! And they're all auto-game-switched! Flit between games with poise and grace.
- Wanna know how long you've been glued into your headset? You can now show your stream uptime underneath the chat window!
- Opacity settings for all chat window positioning modes!
- Two new presets for our fake lighting! Dark, and bright. Smooth, and light.
- 120fps output option!
- SDK dump mode & higher resolutions are now available for everyone!

- The Thrill of the Fight is now correctly detected as having our SDK.
- Gravity Sketch is now correctly detected as having the SDK!
- Empty calibration images have been removed.
- Seated mode games no longer break chat positioning!
- Some crashes in StreamerKit caused by corrupt configs have been fixed.
- Slow output framerate on some PCs with a high-refresh-rate monitor has been fixed.
- A crash when using fake lighting on AMD GPUs has been fixed.
- Kinect support works again!
- Your custom alerts color is correctly applied now!
- The "Mute Alerts" option wasn't quite labelled correctly.
- Fixed a couple typos!
- Tweaked Twitch badges to be consistently sized.
- Text in /me actions now wrap onto multiple lines correctly.
- Population: ONE is only supported with FPV cameras

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