This update - we got you some great stream chat improvements!
No really, there's quite a lot that made it into this one. Please help us test it out!

- Chat positioning presets! Select one from the "Position" menu, and hit apply. We also made it possible to put chat in a fixed location, not attached to anything.
- Chat & alert setting profiles! And they're all auto-game-switched! Flit between games with poise and grace
- Wanna know how long you've been glued into your headset? You can now show your stream uptime underneath the chat window!
- Opacity settings for all chat window positioning modes!
- Two new presets for our fake lighting! Dark, and bright. Smooth, and light.
- 120fps output option!

- The Thrill of the Fight is now correctly detected as having our SDK
- Seated mode games no longer break chat positioning!
- Some crashes in StreamerKit caused by corrupt configs have been fixed.
- Slow output framerate on some PCs with a high-refresh-rate monitor has been fixed.
- A crash when using fake lighting on AMD GPUs has been fixed.
- Kinect support works again!

In a recent update, some Oculus Store games were showing in LIV as "SDKv1.5 Enabled". We're not quite ready to fully support Oculus Store, so games on there won't show in LIV's list for now. We're hard at work on standalone support!

Don't forget to opt-in to the public beta!
Close LIV, then go to Steam > LIV > Properties > Betas, and select it there

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