Have you come upon the mysterious #get-gamechanger channel in our Discord but have no idea what it's all about? This page is for you.

Internally, GameChanger is the name we've been giving our experiments in making streams more interactive through different means.

Externally, GameChanger is more commonly known as the Beat Saber "!bomb" mod. This is the extent of its functionality that's publicly available right now. GameChanger is an extension of StreamerKit and is a Steam DLC to the LIV App. You receive a DLC key by filling out the form in the Discord channel mentioned at the top of this page.

While there isn't that much else to say about GameChanger in its current state, we want to make it known that we're still very much working on new, fun ways to promote stream interactivity. With a blend of the success of the bombs mod as well as our own experiences with these kinds of interactions, we've come to realize they are really fun.

We occasionally also invite GameChangers to test some of our latest experimental features.

Streamer ragesaq, a target of our 2020 April Fool's
an alien backpack that charges-and-levels
up through Twitch Bits, with upgraded visuals at each level.

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