1) Getting Started (iOS)

Using LIV Camera to do mixed reality is essentially just replacing your video camera (webcam/DSLR camera/action camera etc.) with an iOS device's camera. LIV Camera also supports digital background removal without a green screen if your iOS device has an A12 processor or above. Check out the lists here if you're unsure what chip your device has!

Note: iOS devices without an A12+ processor can still be used with LIV Camera, you'll just need a green screen if you want to key out the background.

To capture with an iOS device through LIV, you'll need the following:

  • PC with LIV on Steam and iTunes (make sure your phone trusts your PC!). macOS is currently not supported.
  • Apple Lightning to USB cord.
  • An iOS device with a camera (iPhone/iPad). A12+ processor required for green screen-less functionality.
  • The "LIV Camera" app on your iOS device. Get it on the App Store!

We recommend that you find a way to fix your iOS device in place. Moving it even just a little can quickly ruin your calibration.

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