BETA - Adding LIV to your Presence Platform app

It's easy adding LIV to your game.

  1. Get the LIV SDK v2.0 at
  2. Integrate following the instructions at  If you app uses Passthrough, there are some additional steps to follow in order to identify objects (skybox, backgrounds, etc) that you want to hide.
  3. Verify your integration with LIV by sending us an email to

Presence Platform support is currently in Beta and has some constraints on what is supported.

  • The Quest game must be run on PC at this time, essentially a PCVR game.  You do not have to launch the game.
  • Unity support only at this time.  Unreal is coming later in 2024.
  • Quest device must be linked to your PC using Quest Link, either AirLink or cable.
  • Oculus must be set to the OpenXR Runtime
  • LIV requires SteamVR to be running in order to use the overlay features
  • Because we have SteamVR and Oculus running simultaneously, you'll need to sync the space coordinates.  This sync is done using OpenVR Space Calibrator



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