Ensure Project Spatial Setup has completed

Only those that have been given early preview access will have this functionality


Step 1 Start the supported game

Start your game on Steam, ensuring it's one of the supported games.


Step 2 Start LIV Playtest

Start LIV Playtest on Steam


Step 3 Navigate to camera mode

The Project LIV Spatial app consists of three main sections, accessible through the white menu bar:

  1. Home: This section takes you back to the viewing portion of the app, where you can browse and watch all the uploaded videos.
  2. Camera: Opens up the recording functionality and settings, allowing you to capture your own volumetric videos.
  3. Gallery: Displays all your recorded videos and provides a bookmark feature to help you keep track of your favorite creations.

Step 4 Set up camera framing

When you enter the recording section by clicking on the camera icon, you'll find a variety of features and settings to customize your recording experience:

Using one of our Presets

  • Presets: Choose from three different presets to quickly set up your recording:
    • Talking Head: Ideal for capturing a close-up view of yourself while speaking or presenting.
    • 3rd Person: Captures a wider view of your avatar and the surrounding environment.
    • Selfie: Perfect for capturing self-centered shots and reactions.


Manual camera setup

  • Grab the camera and move it to where you want
  • Focus: When enabled, the camera will always look at you as you move around, ensuring that you remain the center of attention.
  • Follow: When enabled, the camera will follow you like a tether or leash, maintaining its relative position to you without turning to face you.
  • FOV (Field of View): Adjust the camera's field of view to control how much of the environment is captured:
    • Wide: Shows more of the environment but may result in lower avatar quality.
    • Normal: Provides a balanced view of the environment and avatar.
    • Tele: Shows less of the environment but allows for higher avatar quality.
  • Duration: Set the length of your recording to 10, 20, 30, or 60 seconds.
  • Live Preview: See a real-time preview of yourself in the three available formats: sphere, cube, or rectangle.


Step 5 Record

When you're happy with the framing, press record at the bottom or if you look up, you'll see the record button appear.


Step 6 View recordings in your Gallery

In the gallery section, you can view all your recorded videos and use the bookmark feature to save your favorite ones. To access your bookmarked videos, simply click on the bookmark tab within the gallery.

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