The LIV Store will be closing on March 1st.

When we started this store experiment, our goal was to build a hub for assets optimized for VR, and we have sincerely appreciated our creator partners taking this leap alongside us.


Important dates

  • March 1st, Prefab sales will be turned off. Any in progress commissions will still be active and can be completed before March 31.

  • March 1 to 7, payouts will take place for completed transactions for February sales.

  • March 31, we will be taking the site down.

  • April 1 to 7, final payouts for unsettled balances.

If you haven't already, please connect your account with Stripe so we can make sure you get paid out. We're also happy to export any additional reports/analytics upon request for your records.


Tax reporting for LIV Store earnings in 2023 is not necessary. Our total revenue fell under IRS thresholds where we would not be required to file. Since we will not be reporting this income, you do not have to either!


Most of all, we again want to express our gratitude for your imagination and effort during this LIV Store learning experience. Please don't hesitate to reach out via or on the Help Desk if any other questions arise or future opportunities emerge!

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