How to use your new Quest 3 with LIV

There are two ways to access LIV on your PC:

* Virtual Desktop: This is third-party software that costs $20. It provides high quality remote access to your PC from VR headsets. With Virtual Desktop, you can wirelessly view and interact with your computer from inside your headset. This is a great option for using LIV.

* Airlink: This free built-in feature lets you access your PC directly from your Quest headset. Airlink offers basic remote desktop functionality. However, it has fewer customizable options compared to Virtual Desktop. Airlink works for basic LIV usage, but Virtual Desktop is recommended for the best experience.

Virtual Desktop 

Download and install Virtual Desktop from the Quest store
Download and install the Virtual Desktop Streamer app on your Windows PC
Download and install LIV from the Steam store

1. Start up your Oculus Quest.
2. Start the Virtual Desktop Streamer app on your computer.
3. Start the Virtual Desktop app on your Quest (from Quest store).
4. Let Virtual Desktop connect to your computer.
5. After connecting click "Launch SteamVR" on the left hand side of the Virtual Desktop UI while in VR.

6. Launch LIV from Steam or your PC
7. Mixed Reality guide can be found here: (
8. Avatar guide can be found here:
9. Streamerkit guide can be found here:

Download the Oculus PC/Desktop app

1. Log into the desktop app using the same Meta/Facebook account tied to your Quest 3 headset
2. In the desktop app, go to Devices -> Add Headset
3. Select Quest 3, then choose Air Link as the wireless connection method.
4. Follow the on-screen prompts to pair your headset to the desktop app over Airlink:

  • Put on your Quest 3 headset and enable Airlink in Settings > System.
  • Accept the pairing code shown on both desktop and headset.
  • Confirm the correct PC is selected.

5. In your headset, click "Launch" to start Airlink and enter the PC's Oculus dashboard.
6. With SteamVR already installed on your PC, go to the Library in desktop view and launch SteamVR.
7. In SteamVR home, open the menu on your left controller to access the SteamVR dashboard.
8. Go to Library > Installed and launch LIV on your PC from either Steam or desktop view.

Avatar guide can be found here:
Streamerkit guide can be found here:

Help Tips:
WiFi 6 or 6E access point is strongly recommended.
Note: Currently (as of 10/13) the Quest 3 has network performance issues with routers running in Wi-Fi 5 (AC) mode. The issue disappears when switching the router to Wi-Fi 6 (AX) or Wi-Fi 6e (AXE) mode.
- Virtual Desktop is recommended over Air Link/Cable 
- Use MQDH ( to disable the proximity sensor, you will need to connect it via USB and manually toggle it on and off. This will need to be done every time you turn the headset on.

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