August 9, 2023

Request work directly from a seller

Want to get something done by a specific seller?  You can now request commissions from that individual by visiting their profile page and selecting to request a Job.


Sellers, you can identify what job requests you'd like to receive.  If you're not accepting any commissions at the moment you can disable all the selections.



Spot upcoming deadlines

It's easier to see now jobs that have upcoming deadlines and 


July 10, 2023

Agency Tags

Tags can now be added to your Agency.  Tags will show up in search results helping you get discovered.


Commission notifications

You can select to be notified when new commissions requests are created, either weekly, daily, or instantly. 


Filter for Free avatars

New filter option to find free avatars on the https://store.liv.tv/shop/avatars page.


Show only paid orders in your My Orders listing

Sellers can exclude free orders from their order history



July 3, 2023

The Fee breakdown is shown when sellers set the price for prefab avatars or replying to job requests.


VRChat performance rank attribute can be set for Prefab avatars.

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