What jobs are available for me to work on?


There's a few ways to find out what job requests are still available to work on.  Sellers are only able to view open jobs, buyers are not able to see other's requests.  Once a buyer has selected a seller to work with and both individuals have confirmed, then the job is no longer open and is not visible to other sellers.

New job requests

When a seller visits the Services page the 3 latest available jobs will be visible.  You'll be able to see the job details for each of these from this page.


Job Listings Page

Sellers will have access to open job listings page.  Sellers will be able to filter and search for jobs that suit their specific goals.



Job Discovery Email

A notification email is sent out on a weekly basis highlighting available jobs.  

Sellers can change your email notification settings within their agency page to unsubscribe.


Direct Link

A buyer may choose to not list their job request openly for every seller.  Instead, after they create the job request they can send a link to the job detail page directly to a seller.  This process is being revised in the future to make it easier.

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