How do I submit a VR Service job request, aka Commission?

Note: UI may change as the store implements new features


VR Services are custom work, aka Commissions, that you can request.  The store currently has 3 service categories and plan on adding more in the future.

  • Custom Avatar for the creation of a new VR avatar
  • Avatar modification for enhancing an existing avatar
  • File conversions for porting avatars to new formats and apps, like taking your avatar in Unity to a .VRM for LIV


How to submit a job request

1. Select Services from the home page

2. Select which service you're looking for.  For the sake of this guide, we'll use Custom Avatar.


3. Enter some basic information on what you're looking for.  Be as detailed as you can and include any applicable reference images to help showcase your vision.  Don't worry, you don't have to know everything you want at this point, you'll have an opportunity to finalize the details once sellers reply.

4.  You'll have a chance to preview your job request before publishing the request.  You can continue to make edits until you publish.

5.  Once published, the request is listed for sellers to view.  Sellers can identify their interest on working on the job and reach out to you to finalize the job details before starting.

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