What happens if there's a chargebacks

TLDR; LIV will provide all evidence to the financial institution to prove that a legitimate transaction took place.  We can not guarantee chargeback reviews by the financial institution will go favorably for sellers.  LIV will pay any chargeback fees however the disputed amount will be responsible by the seller.  We strongly recommend using the communication on the platform to ensure we have evidence.


What's a chargeback?

A Chargeback, aka dispute or reversal, is when a customer requests their bank or credit card company to issue a refund for a transaction.  A chargeback is not an optional process that anyone chooses to follow, it's mandatory for processing payments.  Chargebacks can not be prevented or blocked.



What does LIV do in the case of a chargeback?

LIV utilizes Stripe for payment processing and therefore follows Stripe's dispute processes.  Their high level dispute process is below.

Disputes lifecycle diagram

LIV will follow the 'Submit evidence' path and provide all evidence to the financial institutions that the transactions were legitimate and the transaction should be maintained.

The evidence we are able to provide;

  • Transaction receipt including the amount, dates, buyer information, and record that a payment was made.  We do not maintain information of the payment method, Stripe will have that information.
  • Issue records made within the LIV platform, including some buyer & seller communication and any support issues raised to LIV via help.liv.tv or our various emails

LIV will also reach out to the buyer via email to see if we can help them cancel the dispute by providing the information of what was purchased and the email used in the purchase.  These actions are all we're permitted by law to do.


A dispute review can take a long time to complete by the financial institution.  There is no way to get an update and can take months.  As soon as the financial institution review is completed we will update you on the result.


If a dispute is won, we will receive a notification from Stripe and the money, which we will direct to your account.


Frequent Chargebacks

If you end up receiving frequent chargebacks we may review your account with LIV.

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