How do Services (aka Commissions) work in the LIV Store?


With LIV Services, aka Commissions, a buyer can arrange for custom VR work.  We'll be adding new types of services you can request so keep an eye out for future updates.


What’s the high level flow?

  1. Buyer submit job requests that any seller can view.
  2. Sellers submit their interest to work on the job via the job page.
  3. Buyer and Seller(s) communicate to align on the vision and agree to the details.
  4. Once buyer and seller agree and confirm the details, no other seller can submit their interest in the job.
  5. Sellers can specify how much a deposit is required to start the job.
  6. Buyer pays the deposit, if any.
  7. Seller Completes works on and completes the job per agreed deadline and scope.
  8. Seller uploads the final job.
  9. Buyer pays the remaining balance, if any.
  10. Seller receives money at next scheduled pay out.
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