1. Set up your Agency
  2. Set up your Payout and connect Stripe
  3. Payouts calculations occur monthly on the 2nd
  4. Balance Transfers occur monthly on the 5th

Agency Setup

Note: UI may change as the store implements new features

Once you've logged in as a Seller, ensure your Agency is setup.  Minimal information is the Agency Name and email address.  Refer to this guide for details about the Agency.

Payout setup

Note: UI may change as the store implements new features

The Payout details must be completed, in order for you to be paid out.

  • The Payout details required are Legal entity type, Legal entity name, Country, and State/Region.
  • Connect to a Stripe account to accept transfers.  LIV uses Stripe to payout.  We currently do not support other methods.  If Stripe isn't available in your country we have no alternative methods.  List of supported Stripe Countries


Payouts Schedule

Payout eligibility

To receive a payout you must have the below;

  1. Complete setup of your Agency
  2. Completed billing information
  3. Completed Stripe connection
  4. Have a balance owing >= $10 USD.


The Payout section contains reports of your transactions which comprise your balance.  The payout reports are calculated on the 2nd day of every month.

The reports are specific to the product type you're selling, therefore you may have multiple reports in the month.  For example, if you sell prefab avatars and commissions, you'll have a report for each. 

The reports includes all your unprocessed transactions starting from your last payout date up to the last day of the previous month.

Payout Details can be viewed to see the date range of the transaction as well as a link to the full listing of the transactions.


Balance Transfers Schedule

The Balance section is a history of all transactions from LIV to your Stripe Account.  Transfers start initiating on the 5th of every month and should conclude by the 8th.  We have set several days and retrys should there be any issues with transfers. 


If the amount owing is less than the threshold of $10 then the balance carries over to the next payment period until the balance reaches the minimum.  

[NOTE: UI doesn't will be updated to include Balances carried over

Transfer Details can be viewed to confirm the transfer date, amount, and what transfer type was used.


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